Wall Units

In businesses, shelving systems are preferred not only to attract customer attention by displaying products, but also to use the store interior in the most efficient way. Space savings are achieved by placing wall units adjacent to the wall. At the same time, space is created between the shelves where the customer can easily browse. Thanks to successfully positioned wall units, you can place more products.

Mini Shelf Shelves

Mini Shelf Systems are market shelving systems designed for both display and storage in areas where wall units are insufficient in terms of carrying capacity. Mini Shelf Systems are produced in two different models, standing and standing, in order to ensure appropriate placement in the area.

Double Sided Gondola Units

The primary goal of every store is to make customers like the product it offers for sale and convert it into shopping. For this reason, as well as the quality of the product, its display is also very important. Shelf systems compatible with the store concept come to the fore at this stage. When decorating the store interior in the most effective way, every detail must be carefully considered. Double-sided gondola units are the most preferred equipment in store shelving systems after wall units.

Fruit & Vegetable Units

The use of the unit becomes necessary to present fruits and vegetables to the consumer in the most accurate way. Fruit and vegetable units, which are used to draw attention to foods in supermarkets or greengrocers, allow the products to be placed easily and direct them to shopping with their design.


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